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Here at wellbeingpharmaceuticals, we have two different email addresses that you are welcome to contact us on. We are always interested in receiving feedback from anyone who is using any of the featured designer drugs we have listed on this website, and as such if you wish to offer us feedback on how effective you found those designer drugs then please do get in touch with us.

Be aware that our terms and conditions along with our privacy policy, which you can read by following the respective links, will enlighten you on how we will use any information you supply us with.

Should you have any questions about this website or wish to offer us feedback about any of the featured designer drugs, want clarification regarding any of the terms or conditions or the privacy policy in place on our website , please contact us at

If you have any marketing or sales related enquiries about our website, please email us on Should you have any questions regarding an order you have placed then please direct those enquiries to us.

We always aim to reply to emails sent to us within 48 hours. However, please do allow a little extra time for a response should you make contact with us over any holiday period or at the weekend.