Privacy Policy

Please be aware that this privacy policy is part of the terms and conditions of our website, and as such you should familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions section of this website once you have read through the following privacy policy.

Below you will find out how we collect information on you when you visit our website and also how we use any information that you provide us with.

What Information we collect from you

As soon as you visit any website you will find the owners and operators of that website will be able to know certain aspects about you based on your visit. For example, they will be able to tell what your IP address is, the time you visited the website and also the web browser you used to visit that website and the part of the world you visited their website from.

We have chosen to utilize a similar website visitor tracking system on our website, so please do be aware when visiting our website we will know all of the above mentioned things regarding your visit to our website.

We do use cookies on this website and as such if you do use our website then by continuing to visit and utilize it we will be leaving cookies in your web browser.

As we have our full contact details listed on the contact us section of this website then you may be interested in contacting us for one of several different reasons. Please be aware that by emailing us we will always respect your right to privacy and will not sell on or use your email address or send you any unsolicited marketing or sales.

Using Your Information

If you have chosen to sign up to one of our newsletters or have subscribed to any of our email update alerts then we may contact you on that email address to alert you to any special offers or promotions or let you know about any updates or changes to our website.

We do not sell on your email address nor will we pass it onto any third party. If we are required to by law to pass onto a third party such as law enforcement or government officials then we will do so.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

If at any time we make any changes to this website we will of course update the privacy policy and the terms and conditions sections of the site if those changes affect those two areas of the site.

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