PhenTrim (260mg)

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PhenTastic Results

The one major attraction of using PhenTrim is that the company who have developed it, Lexium International, have utilized their years of experience to design it as a drug that you can take over the long-term, and if you are looking for a medically proven drug to take that will help you achieve a sustained weight loss, then PhenTrim is what you should be using.

Suppress Appetite – You will find your appetite is suppressed when taking the designer drug PhenTrim which is all part and parcel of you successfully losing weight over the long term.

Increase Energy Levels – The formulation and design of PhenTrim is such that you will actually find your energy levels increasing which will allow you to keep focussed.

Lose Weight Safely – You will be aiming to lose weight both steady and safely, and that is something which has been kept in mind by Lexium International when they developed PhenTrim. Your weight will steadily yet constantly reduce when taking PhenTrim and that will also give you the mental boost required to continue on your weight loss regime.

Lose Body Fat – You are going to be losing actual body fat when taking PhenTrim and not simply losing water retention, and that is one of the key differences in regards to using PhenTrim as opposed to using some other so called weight-loss drugs.

Average Weight Loss – Medical trials have revealed that by taking PhenTrim, on average a person will lose around 2.5lbs a week.

Appetite Suppression – You will notice when taking PhenTrim that it will suppress your appetite, naturally resulting in you feeling less hungry, which in turn will then see you starting to lose weight more or less immediately.

Metabolism Boost – Another major benefit of using PhenTrim is that your body’s metabolism is going to receive an instant boost, which is important when you are looking to achieve a steady yet noticeable weight loss.

Energy Boost – The formulation of PhenTrim is such that your energy levels will always receive a strong boost, allowing you to remain focussed in getting on with your day-to-day life.

Long Term Use – PhenTrim is approved and safe to use over the long term which will allow you to achieve your chosen weight loss over the long term, whilst also keeping that weight off.

Ingredients, Indications and Usage

PhenTrim is a patented combination of Caffeine Anhydrous, Beta-Phenylethylamine HCL, Synephrine HCL, Hordenine HCL, Schizandrol A 3% and Yohimbe Bark Extract, specifically designed for the management of weight loss in patients with an initial Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 25kg/m₂.

Losing weight is something that many people will be trying to do, and whilst eating sensibly and taking lots of regular exercise is one way that this can be achieved, with people leading busier life styles setting aside the time required to put in place a daily exercise regime, or even allocate enough time in your day to prepare and then cook healthier meals, is something not everyone can do.

PhenTrim has been developed by a team of physicians who have managed to formulate it in such a way that you will not experience any of the side effects. The patented ingredients help perform two essential functions. It increases the body’s mobility of fat while increasing metabolic rate and it also greatly reduces appetite to ensure patients have control and motivation.